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Video-assisted Thoracic Surgery is performed by an experienced team of specialists in a state of the art operating room.  There is nothing random about doing VATS procedures with Thoracic Group. Our practice provides careful consultation to discuss your options and what the probable outcomes will be.


Surgeons - Dr.’s Caccavale and Bocage perform VATS procedures together as co-surgeons.  The true benefit of having two skilled surgeons vs. less experienced assistants such as residents, and RNFA or a house doctor is what positions Thoracic Group as the pioneer in VATS procedures. The doctors have worked together since the early 1990’s with excellent outcomes.

Anesthesia - Anesthesiologists who are members of the VATS team have training and special skills in chest surgery, airway management, bronchoscopy and anesthesia techniques suitable for short minimally invasive procedures (i.e.VATS).  The conduct of anesthesia plays a major role in how well a patient feels in the immediate post-operative period.  Ideally, we like our patients to be clearheaded and up and out of bed ambulating within a few hours of surgery.  Our focus for patients is to have better or well controlled pain, minimal or no nausea and to be able to resume a regular diet by dinnertime on the same day of surgery.

Nursing - Our nursing team is well trained and experienced to assure smooth and efficient surgery and recovery. They are responsive, well versed in all of the equipment needed during the course of the VATS procedure, and function well even under pressure.


VATS lobectomy: Surgical excision of a lobe of the lung (one of five total lobes); due to an abnormal growth

VATS segmentectomy/ wedge resection: surgical excision of a portion of a lobe of the lung; due to an abnormal growth

VATS pneumonectomy: surgical removal of entire lung

VATS pleurectomy: surgical removal of the parietal pleura from the chest wall; often performed to prevent recurrent fluid collection in the chest or recurrent lung collapse.

VATS decortication: drainage and surgical removal of abscess cavity from the lung; due to an infection around the lung

VATS lung biopsy: surgical wedge resection of lung tissue for examination

VATS mediastinal biopsy/ excision of mediastinal mass: surgical sampling or removal of abnormalities in the mediastinum (space between the lungs)

VATS sympathectomy: surgical procedure in which the branches of the sympathetic nerve chain are divided in order to markedly reduce palmar hyperhydrosis (extreme sweating of palms)

VATS Thymectomy: surgical treatment of Myasthenia Gravis
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