Our Logo

We recently re-engineered our corporate brand. You’ll likely wonder if there is any significance to our new logo or if it has special meaning. Well we’re glad you asked! Our new logo carefully incorporates a subliminal nod towards physiology.

The 4 lines quietly resemble the human ribs through which most of our work applies. At the same time we attempted to show the important function of the ribs providing protection for the lungs.

Secondarily (and not by accident), since VATS is performed through the ribs in a cautious way, we see the four lines as the four hands of our two talented surgeons working harmoniously and in concert with each other.

Lastly, you may ask why we selected red & blue?  Simple. Those colors represent the primary function of the lungs: oxygenation (red representing oxygen rich and blue, deoxygenated).

So, yes, sometimes logos or marks do have meaning, and in our case we wanted to showcase a contemporary feel to our expertise and now fast growing practice.

Thoracic Group