“I lost my husband to lung cancer five years ago, so I made an appointment and had a CT scan,” said Eagle, who has lived in Jackson since moving to New Jersey 10 years ago from Long Island. “Two days later I was called with the news that they saw something suspicious.”

“Their approach was very professional,” Eagle said. “They explained the situation. Dr. Caccavale was compassionate, but definitive. The tumor was small, but they wanted it out as soon as possible.”

Nedra Eagle
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Dear Dr. Caccavale and Dr. Bocage,

We struck “big” when we found your practice. The care that Chris has received was outstanding. Thank you both for treating Chris and all your encouragement.

Chris and Robin

Dear Dr. Caccavale,

Surgeons, I guess, are thanked quite frequently for saving someone’s life. However, I felt it was important for my peace of mind to write a note to you for probably saving mine.

Having smoked since I was a freshman in college, smoking was a big part of my life and something I really enjoyed. You said to give it six months- I will try. It has only been two and half weeks so far and it seems like an eternity.

I trust you received my CAT scan in time for your class- we mailed it right away. I have an appointment with an oncologist on December 14 per your recommendation. Hope you and your family have a nice holiday season.


Dr. Caccavale,

My daughter, Jeanne, and I wish you and your family joy, happiness and good health throughout 2002 and years and years beyond. Our most sincere thank you for your patience, understanding and true concern for my health and well being- I really cannot thank you enough for your wonderful care; your dedication is immeasurable.

Most sincerely,
Jo Anne and Jeanne

Dear Dr. Bocage,

I am trying to find the right words that will tell you what is in my heart, but all that comes to me is thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will pray for you and ask God to bless you and the work that you are doing. The surgery you performed on me has given me a little more time to share with my beautiful, loving family; God willing. I will treasure and appreciate each lovely day. Again, thank you for the care you gave me and also thank you to all the wonderful, kind people who work with you.

Best wishes,

Dear Dr. Caccavale and Dr. Bocage,

I just wanted to write and let you know how instrumental I feel you were in aiding with my speedy recovery. Perhaps without knowing it you instilled a confidence in me that strengthened my determination to fight my illness. I can only hope all patients are as fortunate and have a doctor like you.

You were great!

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    Dr. Bocage, Dr. Caccavale, Tracey and entire office staff,

    Your patience, understanding, and kindness has been greatly appreciated by all of us.

    You all are a true professional team!

    Joe and family